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Continued use of myUNSW after any such adjustments shall constitute your consent to such changes. Here you will find data on Accepting/Deferring your Offer, Enrolment, ID Cards, IT Services, Orientation, Settling In and so forth. Course Hero isn’t sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. To calculate avg_mark, solely think about the courses taken in 2011 S1. There are two topics that share the identical name “Database Systems”, and we don’t distinguish them in this question.

The data could comprise some data inconsistencies; nonetheless, they gained’t affect your answers to the project. For former, current and future students or workers to debate UNSW and Frankie. It is necessary to acquire consumer consent prior to operating these cookies on your website. The rate is calculated as dividing the total number of distinct students enrolled in a category by the total capacity of the theatre. i.e., if there are 2 college students ranking first, the third pupil might be ranked as third.

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Only consider legitimate programs which have at least 10 college students. Define an SQL view Q1 that offers the name of employees position (refers to the staff_roles.name) and the number of distinct courses taught by each sort of employees within the year 2010 (refers to Semesters.yr). The outcomes ought to be ordered by course_num from lowest to highest. The goal is to construct some helpful data access operations on the MyMyUNSW database.

This typically entails a large business DBMS installation. UNSW’s scholar information system sits behind the MyUNSW web site. MyUNSW supplies an interface to a PeopleSoft enterprise management system with an underlying Oracle database.


When calculating the common, solely consider students who’ve a not null mark. Each query is offered with a quick description of what’s required. If you want the complete particulars of the expected output, check out the expected_qX tables provided in the checking script. The MyMyUNSW database consists of data that encompasses the functionality of NSS, the UNSW Online Handbook, and the CATS database.

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NSS contains information about student, courses, lessons, pre-requisites, quotas, and so forth. however does not contain any illustration of UNSW’s degree program constructions. Without such info in the NSS database, it’s not attainable to do any of the above three. So, in 2007 the COMP9311 class devised a data mannequin that would symbolize program requirements and rules for UNSW degrees. This was constructed on high of an existing schema that represented the entire core NSS knowledge (college students, employees, courses, classes, and so on.). All Universities require a major information infrastructure in order to handle their affairs.

A helpful factor to do initially is to get a sense for what data is actually there. This may assist you to understand the schema better and can make the descriptions of the workout routines simpler to know. UNSW has spent a substantial amount of cash ($80M+) on the MyUNSW/NSS system, and it handles much of the academic administration plausibly properly.

In consequence, you might find multiple course for a single semester. In such case, there is no pupil enrolling in more than one course. The student IDs are the UNSW ids (i.e. student numbers) defined in the People.unswid area. Only consider the valid courses with a mean mark greater than sixty five and fewer than 85. Only contemplate legitimate courses which have a minimum of 20 not null mark records. Each returned course should have no less than one classroom that equipped with each Student wheelchair access and Teacher wheelchair entry.

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